Updates on current dev and marketing

Hello Team

Its been more than a year since the TGE and almost 6 months since the mainnet went live but the project struggle to find adoption.

This thread is to get insights from the team in terms of current development milestones, planned milestones in near future and what the updated roadmap look like?

THe price of the token seem manipulated all the time to be consistently b/w $0.2 and $0.22 .
This is a very high impact project and the concept of open finance using Lloyd’s of London model is very promising but unfortunately this token is running all time low in such a bull market :frowning:

One of the reason seems inactive marketing accross all the social media channels, leave the coverage in any media outlet alone :frowning:

It would be really great if the team can update the community on these items. THanks in advance.