Team proposal - Polygon mining rewards discussion

This proposal is to kickstart the mining rewards discussion for Polygon Nsure platform.

The current mining rewards on Ethereum blockchain is 0.2/block for policy mining & 1.8/block for capital mining. The expected weekly mining rewards are 72576 NSURE. In order to deploy the same system on Polygon, we suggest to set a fixed rate for allocating mining rewards to the Nsure Polygon Marketplace.

After the research about different protocols launching on Polygon, we suggest to kickstart with10% of the total mining rewards dedicated to Polygon; which corresponds to ~7200 Nsure/Week.
As the market matures, these settings can be put to discussion and/or vote for readjusting the reward rates. E.g. if APY discrepancies are considerable between Polygon and Ethereum Marketplaces.

Note: Current inflation rate is about 4% p.a. and total mineable portion is 55% from total supply.

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