Team proposal - BSC project listing (preliminary batch)

Hi Nsureans, we would like to commence with proposing for the preliminary batch of product listings for the soon to be launched environment on Binance Smart Chain. The team would like to suggest starting with a listing of a 1st batch batch of the top 5 protocols with highest TVL to ensure sufficient insurance demand potential for the new marketplace. Therefore the 5 projects listed below are proposed (TVL as of 2021 May 18th):

  • PancakeSwap $12.4B
  • Venus $7.7B
  • Ellipsis $2.2B
  • MDEX $2.0B
  • BakerSwap $826.6M
You may choose multiple options
  • Yes please list PancakeSwap
  • Yes please list Venus
  • Yes please list Ellipsis
  • Yes please list MDEX
  • Yes please list BakerSwap
  • Please be careful with (please leave your comment in reply) listing
  • I would like to suggest (please leave your comment in reply) listing

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Please release the NCOSS score for all these projects and based on the score it will be easy to vote based on where underwriter feel most bank for the buck.

Be careful with Venus!

I am a bit concerned because BSC projects hacks happened so frequently recently