Project Listing Proposal Template [your proposal shall follow this format]

Propose project you would like to be added to Nsure for insurance here

Title: Project Name + market place + chain name

Required Information for Main Marketplace

Please fill in this form to help the team complete the N-SCOSS rating:

Required Information for Innovation Zone

  1. Protocol Name
  2. Chain Name: e.g. Ethereum, Polygon, Binance
  3. Protocol website
  4. Month of launch – MM/YYYY
  5. TVL: Link to the page of the proposed project in any reliable analytical website, e.g. defipulse
  6. Exploit history: Has the protocol been exploited before?If so, please provide background info on dates, reason, and size of the loss. A link to the post-mortem would be ideal. You can pass this question if no exploit occurred.
  7. Is the team public or anonymous?
  8. Link to all audit reports
  9. (optional) Link to github repository
  10. (optional) Any ongoing bug bounty program? If so, insert the notice
  11. (optional) Why you think this project should be listed?

Within 10 working days the proposed projects with all required information in proposal will be delivered to Nsure snapshot page to vote

  1. Protocol Name: Formation Fi

  2. Chain Name: Ethereum, But Cross-Chain (BSC, Polygon, etc)

  3. Protocol website:

4… Month of launch – 06/2021

  1. TVL:

  2. Exploit history: never attacked

  3. Is the team public or anonymous? Public. Team profile:
    Joshua Hong - the United States |

  4. Link to all audit reports: CertiK Security Leaderboard - Formation FI

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