Nsure Agent Program & Underwriter Extra Reward distribution update

Would you like to become an agent for decentralised insurance? Join the soon to be launched Nsure Agent Program to become a member of the Nsure family! The program is expected to be launched on June 15th, together with a detailed reward plan, to be disclosed in the coming days.
During the past 2 months since main-net launch, we are delighted to have achieved optimum capacity and premium rates for our insurance products, and is moving on track along with the growth of the marketplace, thanks to the strong support on the supply side (Underwriters). After this stage, it’s time to consider relocating part of the additional incentives given, moving gradually to include additional incentivisation to a demand-based structure.

After considerations, the underwriting extra reward will be adjusted to 2800 NSURE per day, becoming effective on June 15th. Distribution mechanics will be kept as last suggested in the governance module, as per weekly distribution stated on the Nsure Community Forum.

Would you have any insights that you would like to suggest/vote on? Do let us know!

Nsure Team


Hey Alvaro,

What things were considered to bring the ‘extra nsure rewards’ to 2800 per day and who were part of that discussion? Isn’t it something to put forward to the community and have voting done about how much should be the numbers ?

I believe it was communicated earlier that this is going to be sorted via voting.

Also, are these rewards for agent program coming from the nsure that are proposed to be reduced for underwriters?

Hi Maverick,
As for the extra rewards, we made an introduction to the idea, background/approach, and next steps on one of the Mainnet articles:

“Rewards in $Nsure will will go live on April 10th, 11am UTC, in synchrony with the conclusion of the prior Underwriter program Simulation.
The reward rate will be matching the previous program, at a rate of 5,760 tokens generated daily.
These will be claimable on a daily basis, and executed via snapshot, you will be able to track these from the Underwriter dashboard.
As the main intention of the boost is to additionally incentivise potential underwriters, these will remain active for the first stages of mainnet, until the platform has matured enough and participants are sourcing sufficient rewards from premiums out of sold policies.”

As liquidity for underwriting has been attracted successfully, while purchasing policy could be boosted, we’re looking at proposing a gradual swift on the incentive structure. Switching from extra rewards for underwriting, to rewards for successfull policies sold. Denote in this case, both are beneficial for underwriters, one giving direct incentives in $NSURE, the latter boosting policy purchases and hence higher premium rates to be benefitting Underwriters.
If you would have any variant for proposal, let’s discuss!