Nsure Agent Program & Underwriter Extra Reward distribution update 2

As we proposed earlier this month, all Nsureans will get a chance to become an agent for decentralised insurance. Please join the Nsure Agent Program to become a member of the Nsure family on June 16th 12:00pm UTC! Try here.

You can start to refer anyone who needs defi insurance with just one customized link, and you will receive 50% of the premium as rewards. Referral rewards will be settled on a monthly basis and capped at 50,000 NSURE per month.

The extra underwriting reward will be adjusted to 2,800 NSURE per day, effective June 16th 12:00pm UTC. Distribution mechanics will be kept as suggested in the governance module, and the weekly distribution will be as stated in the Nsure Community Forum.


Nsure Team