MATIC/Polygon: Ramping up for Marketplace Launch

Dear Nsureans,

As you may already be familiar with our previous discussion under announcements about the recent developments on launching a dedicated marketplace for Polygon, we’d like to share some of our latest updates and hear your voice on how you would like some of the parameters for the marketplace to be shaped up.

Latest updates:

  • Contracts have been deployed on Polygon Mainnet, for all basic features including Capital Pool/Surplus Pool & associated mining structure; as well as Underwriter structure and policy purchase. UI interface will be released in due time!
  • Bridge for Ethereum-Polygon are set up and ready for use: Polygon Web Wallet v2 and just look for ‘Nsure Network Token’

Launch Plan:
In terms for launching the Marketplace, we’re looking at a similar approach towards how we launched Mainnet on Ethereum earlier this year. This englobes a gradual launch, following up from basic mining structures to finalise with opening up for policy purchasing:

  1. Release Capital Mining, allowing for users to deposit assets into the capital pool in exchange for mining rewards. Target: harness initial collateral to be utilised as liquidity & capacity for policy purchases.
  2. Open up Underwriting module for participants to start allocating their Nsure as underwriting capacity on selected products. Target: Collect necessary capacity for Dynamic Pricing Function to be aligned for launching policy purchasing feature
  3. Launch Policy Purchases for Polygon users.

Additional Parameters to be determined:
In order to move forward with this schedule, we’d like to present some research on what we believe may be a good approach/selection on some of the parameters to be considered:

1) Assets to be integrated for capital mining & policy purchase:

Analog to Nsure’s Marketplace on Ethereum, we’re looking at alternatives for a first integration into Polygon’s native asset to be adopted for the marketplace.
Both, capital providers and policy buyers would utilise this denominated asset for policy acquisition and as collateral in capital/surplus pools for claim coverage.

Suggested alternatives:


  • Native coin on-chain asset utilised in multiple Top-TVL protocols.
  • Any utilisation on protocols via wMATIC e.g. Quickswap, could be covered in Matic native tokens.


  • Top liquidity and volume pair on QuickSwap at the time of writing
  • Issuance on Polygon: ~ 1,365,478,729 USDC
  • Top liquidity asset on AAVEs Polygon marketplace


  • Issuance on Polygon: ~457,127,126 DAI
    -3rd largest market on AAVEs Polygon marketplace


  • Issuance on Polygon: ~525,504,039 USDT


  • 2nd largest pool on Quickswap
  • Issuance on Polygon: ~726,892wETH - $1,888,374,453

Generally, we feel that it may be interesting to suggest a stable-coin asset type for the marketplace, in order to have less volatile outcomes both for capital providers as well as policies and their denomination in value. Following this train of thought, seems that at the time of writing, USDC is winning on the rankings of adoption vs other stable coins.
If you have any thoughts to share, it would be great to hear in the comment section on wether you have alternative argumentation for a choice of asset to the marketplace.

2) Mining allocation for rewards on capital providers
Given the mining structure currently adopted on Ethereum for incentivising capital providers (1.8NSURE/Block), we will be sharing 2 alternative approaches for splitting the mining rewards with the first cross-chain environment to be plugged in, being Polygon POS.
These we’ll share on a dedicated post under General Discussion in the coming days.

3) Project selection for Batch1 Listings on Polygon
We’re in process of stating a pre-selection Batch for protocols to be considered for the marketplace. Considered factors are TVL, active users, protocol-security, among other.
These, together with other suggestions from the community will likely be put to vote via Snapshot after a brief period for discussion and sentiment collection.

That said, we’re looking forward to this launch and would love to hear from your side on the above-mentioned topics, starting with the asset to be chosen as first integration to the Nsure-Polygon Marketplace.

Nsure Team